Chaos does not always portray itself as the negative entity that it is in our heads.

Chaos is not always ugly.

Chaos is pure, chaos is beautiful in it’s very existence.

When chaos hits, one always chooses to run towards any and every door that offers an escape.

One is in a constant battle with chaos and not one soul chooses to embrace chaos.

Maybe, just maybe, we all are incomplete in more ways than one without chaos.

Chaos remains to be one of the darkest desires of the heart, we all long for chaos.

It is the fear of the unknown that prevents us from embracing the chaos.

Chaos has the full potential of destroying us to the core but it is also chaos that mends us into the warrior we never imagined ourselves as.

It is our choices that destroy us.

One needs chaos in order to discover his true self just like the calm sea can never unleash it’s devastating beauty without the storm under the moonlight.


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