The Universe Will Conspire Again.

Every abridged dream
Every incomplete pursuit
Each of our faulty stars
Every sketchy memory.

The universe will conspire for us, again.

For each drop of tears that time has shed
For all the altercations we had against time
For all the broken promises
For all the perfect flaws between two different worlds

The universe will conspire for us, again.

We will come back to the same cross roads.
We will answer time’s calling like we once did
We will once again live by our vows.

We will at that crossroads,
Mend every misstep and lapse.
We will.
The universe will conspire again.

The universe will conspire again, for us.


7 thoughts on “The Universe Will Conspire Again.”

  1. its awsome!!!!! amazing ability to motivate others and change the way we feel about ourselves…nice dude good work keep posting such things…..:P


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