The Triund Experience



Once in a lifetime experience.

The kind where you feel alive again.

The kind where you soar like an eagle.

The kind I can never forget.


I will remember looking at the peak from the bottom and telling myself that I will make it to the top.

I will always remember the climb  and the people with all the football conversations in the background.

When at the top, a cloudy sky covered the Himalayas and it would be sheer injustice to compress that experience in a frame.

The experience of witnessing the clouds clearing and giving us the first glimpse of the Himalayas from so close yet so far was majestic.

Realisation creeped into me after Sunset that stars are indeed magical.

We were left awestruck whilst we stargazed.

So many of them, so simple yet so enchanting.


The moonlit mountains showcased an imperial beauty that I never knew existed.

The moonlight reflected off the snow and it looked like the mountains were covered in pearls.

I lived that moment with two people who were strangers up untill Triund, I am glad that I was fortunate enough to live the moment with them.

The moment left us speechless.


Then came the sunrise which can never be forgotten.

I will remember calling Shahazad Bhaiya and Niket Bhaiya from their tents who didn’t answer to their names but did when called Rambo.

The first ray of the sun striking our faces. The feeling of being alive. I felt it.

I am glad I trekked to Triund.

I am glad I met the right people.

Triund did mesmerize.

Triund, I’ll never forget.    





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