Remember me

Remember me!

Remember me for not only the times I made your heart smile but also the tears I brought to your eyes.

Remember me for the wild child I was. Remember me for the disobedience but do not forget the son that would lay down his life for the ones he loved.

Remember me for the brother I was.

Mini, Lily, Bubu and Khuku, remember me for the arguments we had but do not forget that the name Anadi will always light up your lives.

Remember me for the friend I was.

Remember my outspoken nature but do not let the countless memories we made in Apaini over a cup of red tea slip your minds.

Remember me for the husband I was.

Never forget the tantrums I threw at the dinner table but do not forget the efforts I made to make you smile.

Remember me for the father I was.

Remember my failed attempts to fit in with your generation but don’t let it make you forget the friend you had in me.

Remember me for the man I was.

Remember me as Anadi.


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